Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I did three Christmas drawings, and I liked this one the best and then I realized the proportions of these characters are difficult. So if you think the proportions are weird on these drawings, just watch the show. They always look weird and off model, but it's still a kick ass show. So enjoy and Merry Christmas, thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah before I forget, LAKERS!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

LMU Animators

I was going to post this on the LMU Animators blog, yes a blog filled with LMU animation artwork and you should check it out because there's going to be a lot of cool artwork on there. So for now I'll post the image on here. I haven't sketched this character in a long time, but this is big headed character I drew up for my sophomore animated film.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two for One

Another thesis screenshot. Two post in one day.

Thesis Snippet

So you guys out there can get an idea of what I've been working on since August, I have posted a little snippet of my senior thesis animatic. This whole thesis is an experimental project made so I can finally put something in my portfolio and to take everything I've learned and watched and execute it the best way I can.

I bet you can recognize where the temp music is from, but I will say I'm in negotiations with Taiko drum team on campus to provide the score because after hearing them play I was like OHHH Shit I need that to amp up the film. The only problem is going to be recording them without breaking a few microphones.

In any case the backgrounds are temporary and for one of the sequences the BG used is just there to give me an idea of composition and to practice a cam shake. A lot of my friends have been giving me shit for this animatic, but this is how I do animatics. I have been giving myself a lot of shit for doing a sword fight, I love hand to hand and I have way more fun boarding hand to hand, so I have no idea why the hell I decided to throw in swords.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Motivation in Color

KABLAM here's the colored version. This design has some minor tweeks in it than the previous. What's interesting about her design is that some people kept mistaking her for a guy when looking at the storyboards for the thesis, but if your going to be running around wielding a sword, best believe your going to have some huge triceps and deltoids.

Monday, December 15, 2008


After seeing Bustamante's drawings of my thesis characters I got motivated and inspired to sketch my own characters. I finished these doodles on Friday, but for some odd reason anything Google related on campus was in Korean and I can't read Korean so I didn't upload these images. Peep her page and check out the renditions of the thieves from my thesis.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Yup I'll pretty much draw on whatever I can get my hands on. They say don't draw on napkins, but I'm dumb enough to draw on a brown paper bag.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So yeah, this is image is another illustration from the draw off battles that Kalia and I have. The theme was Thanksgiving and I just wanted to draw two of my favorite cartoon characters. I think Thanksgiving would be something Huey would try and boycott and Riley would prolly make a sign calling his brother a mark or a bitch or something of that nature. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Color Test

Here's another color test for the projection color calibration. I might keep these colors for the colors and I might not. If you noticed the previous post you can get an idea of what kind of nonsense will be going on in this animated short, and yup it's a sword fight. Although I prefer hand to hand, I have no idea why I chose to do a sword duel. I hate them, well not really. I just don't like boarding them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Color Test

Mic check 1,2 1,2. We gotta do a color test for some calibrations for the screening. So I decided to slap on some color on one of the panning shots. You have to see David Reily's backgrounds. Go click on his link and ask him to post his backgrounds because there pretty amazing.Best believe I'm going to make those lines smoother, but for now I'm just going to leave it as is.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Sweetest Victory

44 has always been my favorite number and our 44th president is black. If only you could understand what this victory means to us black citizens of the United States. Yes We Fuckin Did and we'll do it again. For a shameless plug, go get your Obama foam fingers at and support my cousin who was the genius behind them and your president.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Blue 24

I kept trying to think of a better title for this piece, but that's all I got. If you got one feel free to leave a comment and feel free to leave comments on the other artwork. I did this for my print making class, there's so many errors that happened in the process and during the print, but luckily you can't see it. If I woulda known I was going to sit in on the Nuggets practicing yesterday, I would of done a print of Allen Iverson instead. Dah well, its Kobe who can complain.

The other image is from another drawing duel with Kalia and this theme is furries for Halloween and I did see some furries walking around.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Team Hokage

Anyone who had a bootleg copy of Dragon Ball Z movie 9 know exactly who these characters are. At some point and time after the credits an episode of the anime appeared. Although the cartoon is not all that great, there's some cool stuff in there. The best thing about the whole series was the last episode when the main character and the main villain were like F-it and instead of shooting fire at each other they just duked it out the old fashion way.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just something I knocked out to pass the time away, now back to work. The character is from an old Japanese cartoon about ninjas. Any cartoon about ninjas is a cartoon worth watching.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rockin Robin

Remember that episode of Teen Titans where they all dressed up like Robin, that was the obvious inspiration behind this one. This is another drawing that was done for the little duels that Kalia and I have. I find myself drawing less and less, I've only been drawing for school assignments, if only I had some free time. For the sake of this blog and for the sake of drawing for the sake of drawing I'll try to bust out some cool sketches so guys will have something to look at.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron Avenger

It's like the last post except a little different. Can you spot the difference.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iron Giants

Well the first is a midnight mission sketch of one of my favorite scenes in Next Avengers (BUY IT), in which Ultron basically walks up to Iron Man to tell him he aint shit anymore right after he beats his old ass. Well this sketch version isn't that accurate since Iron Man wasn't wearing that armor and Ultron said something else. The sketch at the bottom is something I doodled during a staff meeting. Yeah I can draw animals, well kind of, but I chose not too.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Midnite Mission ft. Sano

So in order to keep the fire burning and keep my ass drawing some stuff for the sake of drawing(and not drawing for homework or for a challenge), I've decided to do a little exercise that consists of drawing up a sketch before I hit the sheets. So for my first sketch I decided to draw my favorite character, Sanosuke Sagara, from Rurouni Kenshin. After recently watching the anime, I realized how flawed that show was and I have no idea why I liked it so much. Sanosuke went from this bad ass to this cheerleader who gave colored commentary with a ten year old who easily learned all of Kenshin's moves through observation. So the question becomes why didn't his enemies do that if it was that easy?

Friday, September 12, 2008

OVER 9000

We hit over 9000, I say we because you (whoever is reading this) are the reason why 10,000 plus people check this little blog out. So thanks to all those who come through here occasionally or frequently to check out the doodles, scribbles, and any other bad creations I conjure up with my pencil and paper. Unfortunately my scanner broke and that's part of the reason why there haven't been that many updates. I gots stuffs, they'll be scanned soon, but until then feel free to leave comments.

Oh yeah that's a revised sketch of a previous doodle. It's old because I scanned that thing in before the scanner broke, but if you have peeped my Deviant Art page, you probably already noticed that that sketch was old.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow dropped today, which is another Marvel Lionsgate animated production. If you ever wonder why the title changed from Teen Avengers to that long epic name, you can thank the homie Stu for that one and yes that guy with the beanie is Stu. Also the ultra talented Kristina was the storyboard revisionist on the film and the coolest of the cool colorist was none other than James. Also the extremely hard working folks of Hammerfist Productions had their hand in bits and pieces of the film because they were in fact the production interns for the film. You can peep more of there work if you scan over to the right and click on the links. Although James doesn't have anything you can check out yet, you can just cop the movie to see his amazing work. So cop the DVD, its an adventure fun for the whole family and for those who just like to see super hero antics.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pre-Gaming Part.1

I know you saw that team USA victory over Spain, damn that was some good basketball. And once again Kobe Bryant saved the day along with the sidekick Dwayne Wade, but it was mainly Kobe putting the dagger into the heart of Spain.

Check it out, new images of one of the stars of the thesis. This is a rough turn around, her outfit is subject to change and if your wondering where's the front view of the design, I didn't scan it because front views are boring and it makes the character kind of look dumb. I have yet to name this character, but if you would like to name this kid, feel free and leave a comment and if the name fits her I'll use it in the thesis. Maybe Stu will win another naming contest and be the victor of this contest. So now that the semester has started, it's time to get to work on this thesis for real for real this time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


One of the dopest Street Fighter characters ever made and you probably don't know who the hell he is. Well folks back when Tekken was the brief king of fighting games, Capcom came out with Street Fighter Ex and on Ex there was this guy named Kairi. Kairi was a combination of Ryu and Akuma, basically Evil Ryu but he had more aerial attacks than the other two characters. Recently I have been playing that old game and recently I have been drawing the SF characters so might as well draw one of my favorite ones. Who wouldn't want to pick a character whose got blue flames growing on his hands depending on the amount of damage he gives you, can kill you with one hit, and shoot a big f-ing blast across the screen that takes half of your health.

Update: If you saw this an hour ago, you are correct I tweeked the design a little.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Retro 91

Within these past few weeks I have not had a chance to draw because of the amount of busy work this school throws at me (and school hasn't even started yet) and when I did, I decided to just go to sleep instead, but finally when I had enough energy to draw I got to sketch out some classic video game characters. I wish I did this for fun, but I did these drawings for someone's wall decoration. If a weeks gone by and you haven't seen anything new, feel free to complain and leave me a bunch of comments about me slacking off.

I tried to keep the designs similar to Alvin Lee's take on the characters, and when the load lightens I'll try to color Chun-Li.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For the past two days me and the homie Kalia have been going to town on doing these designs of the folks at MLG so if you want to check them out, scan to the right and click on "The Deviant Art Page" link and check out the the rough designs that I titled "Kids in the Hall" that features some of MLG's finest.

Oh yeah, I was watching Justice League Unlimited on Boomerang today and I remembered drawing Circe for countless hours for a homework assignment. So I took a stab at the character to see if I still got it. I'm pretty sure there's a scene in there where she has that same exact pose. It's August and we still haven't seen anything about the thesis, well I got the character designs down to how I want them and if you haven't noticed I posted that bloody picture a while back and yup that is a screenshot. Expect something fantastic and mundane.

Come to think of it I probably have a picture of Circe in that same exact pose sitting in the archives.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Return

Back from the Con and I must say Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV was the best thing on the bottom floor. Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow was even better the second time and of course during the panel I had to give the director Jay Oliva and the colorist James Peters some much needed recognition for their amazing work. If Stu was at the screening I would of asked why they change the name of the film to get him some recognition as well. Although Stu's name for the movie sounds epic, I agree with James, it makes more sense if the movie was called Avengers Legacy. Yeah that is a picture of Sade on my shirt and yeah that is an old sketch I just colored.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Five Thousand

I'm just as amazed as you are that this thing got 5000 plus hits. So thanks to all those who've stumbled across the page or who just seem to stumble on this page now. Welp since Bruce is getting all this hype, I might as well post this week old doodle of him and the purple dinosaur. This is just a rough sketch, if I had more time it would look a lot cleaner. Once again this picture stems from a battle between me and the Hawaiian Tsunami. What is there to say about The Dark Knight that hasn't already been said. Batman has taken the title of best super-hero movie.

I know I know this thing has been lacking some post about the thesis, but I haven't gotten a chance to put a 100% focus on the project and I haven't finalized the design to a point where I'm satisfied with them. There'll be some in the near future because August is vastly approaching.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heart Crushers in Living Color

Welp here it is Heart Crushers live and in Color. The ambitious animators of Crenshaw High put together two animated films in 5 days, which is just ridiculous. The animated shorts were hilarious, too bad you can't see them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Retro 85

She's truly outrageous and you can't remember her name. So yeah where's that thing I was supposed to colored, well it got delayed so your just gonna have to grab a snickers.

And if you recently stumbled across this page again, instead of creating a whole new post with the same character I'll just throw her onto this one. I actually drew her again because I thought I could of done better the second time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next Avengers Heroes of Comic-Con

Usually at the Marvel Lionsgate Production Offices me and the homie Kalia get into these drawing duels until someone dies from the lead showers. I believe it's safe to post this one since:

Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow will be premiered at Comic-Con Friday July 25th at 8:30pm in Room 6A. The film was directed by Jay Oliva and named by Stu Fullerton.

A lot of LMU alumni and future alumni had their hands on this project from Jay, Lauren, JJ, Matt Mahoney, Stu, to Kristina. They did a great job and you can see it at Comic-Con or when it's release sometime in the near future.

The theme behind this drawing is the Avengers dressed as fan boys for Comic-Con. So why not have them dress as X-Men characters and if you cant tell they're dressed as Wolverine, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit and Rogue.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Morning Dew

You should see the pile of scraps sitting next to my tv that I haven't had a chance to post. This is as good as it gets for now and this is something I just conjured up to pass the time away. Needless to say I've been busy but found time to at least color something but from now on you'll probably be looking at post of sketches.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For the Hundredth Time

Wait so Spider-Man sold made a deal with Mephisto to bring his dying aunt back to life in the comics? Aunt May was old as shit and was dying and he brought her back to life by making a deal with the devil, that's the dumbest thing a Spider-Man comic can do. Although that had nothing to do with that picture above, what did inspire that was Spider-Man 1 which was on TBS the other day and Tim Sale. A round of applause for the hundredth post.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Paper Cuts

A bloody screenshot of some sort.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PAC Division

Guess whose missing out of this equation. Let's just say I was working on a project that would feature these folks, but the project got scrapped. So I decided to take all the rough sketches and create this compilation.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Clap it up for a back to back post. Originally this was a tattoo design that never left the drawing board. This was also a collaboration between me and my friend Jeremy and now Marnie because that background was her doing. And if you haven't noticed that's just a recycled BG from a previous post. More dreaded coloring and the saga continues.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Holy Smokes Now in COLOR

For once I've decided to color something and and I color like a kid going nuts in a coloring book. I'll never color again. So enjoy this colored version of something you probably already saw earlier, if not just scroll down. Once again the BG was touched up by my friend Marnie. I decided to ink and color this animatic I had drawn up in December featuring Supes, Bats, Harley, Ivy, and a cameo from the Joker. Maybe in the near future you(whoever is reading this) will get to see it on this page.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Figure Vol.1

I've got a lotta sketches lying around but I'll scan and post those later. Instead I'll post some figure drawings. That's not an exaggeration she had the cake.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holy Smokes

That's a Darkseid cameo in between that hand and that smoke.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Clash of the Titans

It's really difficult to post this and watch the Lakers, they are currently on a 9-0 run against the Spurs. In any case Indy 4 was cool, you gotta go in with the mindset that they cannot do anything that can top The Last Crusade and you'll enjoy the movie. Another funny thing is this :

Yeah folks that's Kobe and the Jackass crew, and that is Kobe dunking over a pool of snakes. Anyways I just felt like sketching out some Justice Leaguers fighting, but in a friendly way.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost Got 'Em

Well ladies and gentleman I forgot to mention that I won an award too. So in my hand is the little OBSS 2008 Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award and in Giana's are some of the awards she won that I mentioned earlier. So congrats to us for getting recognition for our community service efforts. In other news, my friends JJ and Matt have updated their Hammerfist blog, so please check their blog out (if you scan over to the right you can see the link to Hammerfist Productions if you haven't noticed) Hammerfist is a great animated film with lots of laughs and action packed thrills that will be coming soon to a dvd player near you.

Maybe if I wasn't playing so much Final Fantasy VII lately, I could of loaded this sketch days earlier. Yeah after unpacking my stuff I found the game and I tried to see if I can beat it but only to find out my memory got erased, so now I'm playing it all over again.