Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next Avengers Heroes of Comic-Con

Usually at the Marvel Lionsgate Production Offices me and the homie Kalia get into these drawing duels until someone dies from the lead showers. I believe it's safe to post this one since:

Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow will be premiered at Comic-Con Friday July 25th at 8:30pm in Room 6A. The film was directed by Jay Oliva and named by Stu Fullerton.

A lot of LMU alumni and future alumni had their hands on this project from Jay, Lauren, JJ, Matt Mahoney, Stu, to Kristina. They did a great job and you can see it at Comic-Con or when it's release sometime in the near future.

The theme behind this drawing is the Avengers dressed as fan boys for Comic-Con. So why not have them dress as X-Men characters and if you cant tell they're dressed as Wolverine, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit and Rogue.


Stu Fullerton said...

I love how baby Bishop is Azari. Thanks for the props. Had me rolling for a good couple minutes.

Napkin Drawings said...

No problem buddy. Yeah what's even more awkward is that I'm thinking Azari's mom is Storm and didn't Storm and Bishop have a thing going on.