Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pre-Gaming Part.1

I know you saw that team USA victory over Spain, damn that was some good basketball. And once again Kobe Bryant saved the day along with the sidekick Dwayne Wade, but it was mainly Kobe putting the dagger into the heart of Spain.

Check it out, new images of one of the stars of the thesis. This is a rough turn around, her outfit is subject to change and if your wondering where's the front view of the design, I didn't scan it because front views are boring and it makes the character kind of look dumb. I have yet to name this character, but if you would like to name this kid, feel free and leave a comment and if the name fits her I'll use it in the thesis. Maybe Stu will win another naming contest and be the victor of this contest. So now that the semester has started, it's time to get to work on this thesis for real for real this time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


One of the dopest Street Fighter characters ever made and you probably don't know who the hell he is. Well folks back when Tekken was the brief king of fighting games, Capcom came out with Street Fighter Ex and on Ex there was this guy named Kairi. Kairi was a combination of Ryu and Akuma, basically Evil Ryu but he had more aerial attacks than the other two characters. Recently I have been playing that old game and recently I have been drawing the SF characters so might as well draw one of my favorite ones. Who wouldn't want to pick a character whose got blue flames growing on his hands depending on the amount of damage he gives you, can kill you with one hit, and shoot a big f-ing blast across the screen that takes half of your health.

Update: If you saw this an hour ago, you are correct I tweeked the design a little.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Retro 91

Within these past few weeks I have not had a chance to draw because of the amount of busy work this school throws at me (and school hasn't even started yet) and when I did, I decided to just go to sleep instead, but finally when I had enough energy to draw I got to sketch out some classic video game characters. I wish I did this for fun, but I did these drawings for someone's wall decoration. If a weeks gone by and you haven't seen anything new, feel free to complain and leave me a bunch of comments about me slacking off.

I tried to keep the designs similar to Alvin Lee's take on the characters, and when the load lightens I'll try to color Chun-Li.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For the past two days me and the homie Kalia have been going to town on doing these designs of the folks at MLG so if you want to check them out, scan to the right and click on "The Deviant Art Page" link and check out the the rough designs that I titled "Kids in the Hall" that features some of MLG's finest.

Oh yeah, I was watching Justice League Unlimited on Boomerang today and I remembered drawing Circe for countless hours for a homework assignment. So I took a stab at the character to see if I still got it. I'm pretty sure there's a scene in there where she has that same exact pose. It's August and we still haven't seen anything about the thesis, well I got the character designs down to how I want them and if you haven't noticed I posted that bloody picture a while back and yup that is a screenshot. Expect something fantastic and mundane.

Come to think of it I probably have a picture of Circe in that same exact pose sitting in the archives.