Friday, September 12, 2008

OVER 9000

We hit over 9000, I say we because you (whoever is reading this) are the reason why 10,000 plus people check this little blog out. So thanks to all those who come through here occasionally or frequently to check out the doodles, scribbles, and any other bad creations I conjure up with my pencil and paper. Unfortunately my scanner broke and that's part of the reason why there haven't been that many updates. I gots stuffs, they'll be scanned soon, but until then feel free to leave comments.

Oh yeah that's a revised sketch of a previous doodle. It's old because I scanned that thing in before the scanner broke, but if you have peeped my Deviant Art page, you probably already noticed that that sketch was old.


mr. la said...

congrats young man...maybe i can get like u soon enuff...i holla

Napkin Drawings said...

And one day I'll get to 500 posts