Monday, December 15, 2008


After seeing Bustamante's drawings of my thesis characters I got motivated and inspired to sketch my own characters. I finished these doodles on Friday, but for some odd reason anything Google related on campus was in Korean and I can't read Korean so I didn't upload these images. Peep her page and check out the renditions of the thieves from my thesis.


Kristina Bustamante said...

Korean Google? WTF!? Weirdness...

Cool sketches! You should give us more updates on your thesis, like backgrounds and stuff. But definitely more character art because these guys rule.

And - yay! - I finally get to see your guy's face at more different angles. I'd seen the turnarounds, but obviously, you'd updated the look since then, so I had a hard time drawing his face at the angle that I'd drawn it in. Also, drawing these two made me realize that I need to study up on muscles again.

Matthew B said...

Yeah, everything is in Korean right now too. So I can't upload anything because I have no idea what it says.

I will be posting more Thesis stuff as soon as I start doing some clean up and coloring which will be real soon.

It came out great even with the little bit of reference you had. The muscles I draw is just a bad habit from looking at way too many Jim Lee comics and Udon art.