Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For the past two days me and the homie Kalia have been going to town on doing these designs of the folks at MLG so if you want to check them out, scan to the right and click on "The Deviant Art Page" link and check out the the rough designs that I titled "Kids in the Hall" that features some of MLG's finest.

Oh yeah, I was watching Justice League Unlimited on Boomerang today and I remembered drawing Circe for countless hours for a homework assignment. So I took a stab at the character to see if I still got it. I'm pretty sure there's a scene in there where she has that same exact pose. It's August and we still haven't seen anything about the thesis, well I got the character designs down to how I want them and if you haven't noticed I posted that bloody picture a while back and yup that is a screenshot. Expect something fantastic and mundane.

Come to think of it I probably have a picture of Circe in that same exact pose sitting in the archives.


Gerald said...

That looks amazing!

Napkin Drawings said...

Thanks man, sorry it took so long to respond back.