Monday, February 13, 2012

This one is for Tim

Yup another Wonder Woman drawing, but there's a story behind this. Just a week after I posted that last Wondies sketch, I got a call and started working at WB Animation. Everyday before heading to my office, I talk to Tim Walker who always reminds me how awesome it is to be able to wake up and work on cartoons. Recently Tim, an amazing animator battling Parkinson's Disease, had ask a lot of the artist at the studio to contribute to this poster that he was auctioning off at an exhibit at the James Gray Gallery at the Bergamont Station Art Center. The proceeds would go to the a Parkinson's Disease foundation. So many artist were willing to throw down, that he ended up auctioning off three posters.

The artist featured were a lot of veterans and some rookies like myself. It was kind of a stressful experience to draw on a poster that featured veterans like Ethan Spaulding, Butch Lukic, Shane Glines, Toshi Hiruma, and Tim Divar. Luckily I got some great advice on how to make the drawing better from Phil and he's definitely right, Wonder Woman is the hardest hero to draw.

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