Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Designs

Just some designs I've drawn up in the past days. The one below is for the Draw Off competition in which we had to draw ourselves in 3/4 pose and then it's all going to be put in a collage or something along those lines. The design is a little off, my shirts and shorts are normally longer than that. Yeah my skin tone is a little off too, I'll fix that later. Drawing those Space Jams were a pain in the ass, that is one complex shoe.

Here's the other submissions:

Kalia "Hawaiian Tsunami" Cheng

Zack "Always Cool" Ramirez

Christina "Kiki" Manrique

Zack "Hawaiian Zack" Wong

Julio Colbert-Vasquez


dyee said...

4 championship ringssss

Matthew B said...

And there will be more to come.

Historian said...

oh shit, these are all really cool and interesting from a personal point of view... WhAiT! can i do one of these?!?

Matthew B said...

Yeah do one. My bad for responding so late. Just draw it out and email it to Kalia.