Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goten & Trunks

UPDATE: Added some detail to Goten after a suggestion from Kalia.

Dragon Ball Z is to me what Disney is to most animation majors. I didn't want to be an animator because I watched Disney movies, I wanted to become an animator to draw cool shit all day and blow shit up after having a 3 episode long fight scene. These two are my favorite characters. I won't post the roughs because they're really bad, I had to do a lot of fixing with this one.


Kiki said...

at least you didn't just decide one day, "hey, i'm gonna be animation major even though i have no idea how to do it and can't draw!!" like i did.

Matthew B said...

I kind of decided the summer right before I moved on campus while watching Batman.

Your decision was genius and it worked in your favor you came in with a blank slate and now you have your on unique artistic style that's just yours, while most of us students have a style that's amalgamation of everything we seen and who we try and emulate.